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Explanation of RentCast Property Types

Choose the correct property type to improve the accuracy of rent estimates and comps.
Written by Cindy Bellford
Updated 3 weeks ago

RentCast allows you to select from several different property types when searching for properties and adding them to your rental portfolio:

Example of RentCast property types

Selecting the correct type for each property will give you much more accurate rent estimates and comparables.

Here are the property types available in our platform to help you pick the right one:

  • Single Family (Default): Use for detached, single family homes. This is the assumed property type, if you don't select one
  • Condo: Use for a single unit in a condominium development or building, which is part of a home owner's association (HOA) community
  • Townhome: Use for a single family property that shares walls with other adjacent homes, and is typically part of a home owner's association (HOA) community
  • Multi-Family: Use for a single unit/apartment within a residential multi-family building (2-4 units)
  • Apartment: Use for a single unit/apartment within a commercial multi-family building or apartment complex (5+ units)

A Note About Multi-Family Properties

Keep in mind, that for multi-family and apartment properties, RentCast displays rent estimates and comps for a single unit in the building.

So if you're looking up rents for multiple units in the same building, you'll need to search for them one unit at a time.

Similarly, if you'd like to track a multi-family or apartment building that you own, you'll need to add each unit as a separate property in your portfolio.

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