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Managing Your RentCast Property Portfolio

Learn how to add new properties to your portfolio or update existing ones.
Written by Cindy Bellford
Updated 3 weeks ago

Adding rental properties you already own to your RentCast portfolio will help you set up real-time rent alerts, get market updates and view historical rent trends.

You can also save properties you'd like to keep an eye out on in the future and check back on later.

Here is how to add new properties to your portfolio, as well as update or delete existing ones.

How to Add New Properties to Your Portfolio

From the Portfolio Page

First, navigate to the My Portfolio page, and click on the Add Property button at the top right:

Adding a property from the portfolio page

Next fill in the property description, including the property name, address, features and photo:

Updating new property description fields

You can also switch to the Notifications tab at the top, and enable rent alerts and market updates for this property:

Updating new property notification settings

Click Add Property when finished to add this property to your portfolio:

Saving a new property button

From the Property Search Page

Alternatively, you can add properties to your portfolio right from the property search page when looking up rent estimates and rental comps.

To do this, click the Add Property to Portfolio button right below its description:

Adding a new property from the search page

How to Update Existing Properties

If you need to update any information or notification settings for an existing property in your portfolio, click on the menu button next to that property, then click the Edit link:

Property settings link on the portfolio page

This will open the property settings popup, where you can edit any information or settings for this property.

How to Delete a Property From Your Portfolio

To delete a property from your portfolio, click on the menu button next to that property, then click the Delete link:

Delete property link on portfolio page

Note: deleting a property will permanently delete all of its historical data and settings, and cannot be undone.
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