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How to View Rental Market Averages and Statistics
How to View Rental Market Averages and Statistics

Look up average rents, market composition and historical trends for any zip code.

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RentCast compiles real-time and historical rental data for nearly all US zip codes, allowing you to view average rent statistics, market composition, and historical rent trends for any market in the country.

You can use this information to help you research new investment areas, keep track of local market trends, and assist with leasing rental properties you own.

Note: rental market insights are a premium feature, available with the RentCast Pro plan. This upgrade is required to view these reports.

How to Search for Specific Markets

To look up rental data for a specific zip code, first go to the market search page from a link in the top navigation bar:

Market search page link in navigation bar

Next, fill in the zip code you'd like to search for and click the Search button:

Market search inputs and button

After a few seconds, you'll see a complete rental data report for this zip code:

Example rental market data report

Viewing Local Market Data for Your Properties

In addition to searching for specific zip codes, you can also view local market data for any property in your portfolio, or when searching for new properties.

Any time you view property data in our app, scroll down past the property rent estimates and comps to see the rental market data for that property's zip code:

Market data report for a specific property's zip code

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