How to Create Rental Data PDF Reports

Create professional PDF reports for any rental property or market with your custom branding.

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RentCast makes it easy to create professional PDF reports and presentations for any rental property or market and share them with your partners, clients, investors, or property owners.

Our rental data reports are great for:

  • Sharing property rent estimates and local market trends with your partners or investors with whom you do business

  • If you're a property manager - sending them to your property owners to help them understand local market trends and estimated rental rates of their properties

  • If you're an agent or broker - sending them to your clients interested in buying rental properties or learning more about a rental market

Follow these steps to create and download PDF reports with RentCast:

Creating Rental Property Reports (View Sample)

To view or download a PDF report for one of the properties you look up in RentCast, click the Download button under the description of that property:

Property report download button

With RentCast Pro, you can also change the number of comps displayed in each property report, and select whether to display market averages and historical trends.

To change these settings, click the Share & Export button, select the report options you'd like to use, and click the View or Download Report button in the popup:

Rental property report settings

Creating Rental Market Reports (View Sample)

To view or download a PDF report for one of the zip codes you look up in RentCast, click the Download button at the top of the market report:

Market report download button

Adding Custom Branding to Your Reports

If you're subscribed to RentCast Pro, you can customize each PDF report with your personal or business name, contact information, links, and logo. You can also remove all references to RentCast and make each report fully white-labeled.

To customize your report branding, navigate to the Reports & Emails settings page from a link in the top navigation bar:

Report and email settings link in top navigation bar

And fill in your branding information at the top of the page, which will be used for all PDF reports you create with RentCast:

PDF report branding settings

Adding Your Affiliate Link to Your Reports

If you’re a member of our affiliate program, you can add your affiliate link to your reports, and turn all links to the RentCast website into your unique referral links.

This will allow you to earn a commission for referring new paying users:

PDF report affiliate link settings

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