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Sharing Rental Data Reports With Other People
Sharing Rental Data Reports With Other People

Learn how to share property and market reports with your clients, partners or property owners.

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RentCast allows you to quickly share online or PDF rent reports with other people for any property or market you look up in our software.

To do this, first click the Share & Export button under the description of any property or market:

Share and export property button

You can then download and share a PDF report for any property or market with your custom branding (available with RentCast Pro).

You can also share an online report link using the available social sharing options or by simply copying and sending it to others:

Property sharing options

Everybody who receives this link will be able to view an interactive property or market report online.

Note: rental market reports are a premium feature, available with the RentCast Pro plan. This upgrade is required to view these reports.

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