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Dynamic Rent Report Links
Creating Links to RentCast Market Reports
Creating Links to RentCast Market Reports

Enrich your workflows and user experiences by adding links to our rental market reports.

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You can integrate RentCast rental data with your third-party applications or workflows by adding dynamic web links to our rental market reports.

When users follow these links, they will be taken directly to the RentCast website and see average rent statistics, market composition, and historical rent trends for a specific US zip code.

Note: rental market reports are a premium feature, available with the RentCast Pro plan. This upgrade is required to view these reports.

Note: this feature will help you create dynamic links you can embed in your websites or CRMs. If you're looking to retrieve rental market data programmatically in your applications, use our REST API instead.

Use Cases

Below are some example use cases when you may consider using our dynamic market report link feature:

  • Enrich your CRM software: add dynamic links to each property tracked by your CRM to quickly view its local market statistics and historical rent trends

  • Enrich your property management software: add dynamic links to each property tracked by your property management software to help you track local rental market changes and view market insights when leasing properties

  • Provide more value to your clients: send dynamic market report links to your clients or investors to provide them with an additional service or information on properties you are selling or advertising

Market Report Link Format

Follow these format guidelines to create dynamic links to market-level rental data reports:

Base Link URL

Every dynamic link needs to point to the following URL:

URL Query Parameters

To display rental data for a specific zip code, add the following URL query parameters to the base URL shown above:

zip (required)

The zip query parameter should specify the full US zip code, as a 5-digit number.



via (optional)

If you are a member of our affiliate program, you can append your referral tracking id with the via query parameter to turn dynamic report links into affiliate links as well.

If a person who follows this link creates a RentCast account and signs up for one of our paid plans, you will receive an affiliate commission from their payments.

Allowed Values:

You can get your referral tracking id from your affiliate dashboard by looking at the last part of your referral link shown there (my_referral_id below):



Complete URL Example

Below is a complete URL created for the 40212 zip code:

If you open the above URL in your browser (link), you will see the RentCast rent report for this market:

RentCast rental market report for 40212 zip code

Have any questions or need help with this integration feature? Email us at and we'll be happy to help.

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